Heart of Love

You must look into your heart and there you will find your peace. Your love and the love that others have for you and you for others is always present. Sometimes you hide that love behind fear. Fear of confusion and overwhelming daily life. Pause the time-life of continuum and still your fearful heart, shed the pressure of what will be, look and see that all you have is now, and in the center of now is the heart of love. Enjoy and cherish this love that is always with you , though often hidden behind as you look into the past and then forward. It is no wonder you get overwhelmed, back and forth, back and forth, stay still and feel the center that is your heart of love. You must look into your heart and there you will find your peace.


A Creative Writing Exercise

Here is a little creative writing exercise I did last night to get the mind flowing from thought to paper to posting, although I wasn’t thinking of posting this when I did this exercise. I was curious though about wither creativity in writing is different if you long hand write or type on a keyboard, anyone know, any research out there?


Anyway, the exercise is from Natalie Goldberg’s book ‘Wild Mind – Living The Writer’s Life’ for this exercise you take a phrase like ‘I’m not thinking of…’ and write for 10 minutes. And this is how I started…

I am not thinking of what is not happening or how it is going to happen, because it may not happen at all and it certainly won’t happen if I don’t do anything to make it happen, so I am not thinking of it happening – so what is the happenstance?

One day she was silently gliding through the misty woods treading lightly so as not to disturb the gad-about fairies. It is not easy to walk lightly with the fallen twigs and leaves spread about the forest floor. The mist did help somewhat as the bit of dew dampened the ground to just a softer moist and somewhat spongy earth.

Where Paths Meet

Where Paths Meet

Oh the aroma of the cool damp earth rose to her face filling her breath with fragrance of solitude as she lightly stepped through the forest.

Suddenly up ahead there was a light so bright from where it could have come unbidden out of the dark forest is still a mystery to this day. But there it was just up ahead.

Should she turn around, but no her curiosity always gets the best of her so on she glided softly, so as not to disturb the fairy folk. As she moved  closer she could see that the light came from some kind of contraption, or rather a large but strange-looking structure.

Ever so closer, quietly gently she could see that the light emanated from an opening in this structure, something like a door, but not a door. It looked like the reflection of light on a pool of water, where you know you could enter the water, the same is for this door that is not a door. The light was part of the structure but you knew you could enter it. And so she did.

I spend about 15 minutes writing the above which you can probably tell. I made up the next sentence after writing the first, not knowing where the story was going, but just writing what was in my thought as I wrote. So what was in the light? I don’t know, end of the exercise. I didn’t want to put too much, or really, any thought into this writing, that is way it is called an exercise. I did have fun writing this and enjoyed this little exercise. So I will be doing more.

If I could I would be smoke

If I could I would be smoke

Once done with the exercise I wanted to write some more, just random thoughts so here you go… How to move beyond the now. It is what is always on your mind – living in the now but/and/or thinking ahead thinking of the future. Go back, back to what was yesterday – it’s over – so stay with now – now is happening – now is gracious and alive, but you can never stay in now because that moment is over and you are now moved forward – never backward, into a new now. Discernment and intelligence, knowing the difference and use good judgment.



Work Flow Helps Organize and Make Your Job Easier

Want to pick up the speed and get things done in a more timely manner? Do you always feel you are lagging behind and the things you want to get done never seems to get done? If you are like most people then your creativity and productively is usually greatest in the morning, unless you are a night owl, either way these principles still apply. Normally your energy will start to flag around 3:00 pm, because of our internal circadian biological clocks, that make it harder to focus and concentrate on projects at hand. So, keep this in mind as you organize your day.



Another idea to keep in mind is with your planning and implementing. Remember you can only plan so far, it is important that you must act. Sometimes you may fail, and failure is a very strong opportunity to learn. It is how children grow and learn, a baby learns to walk and a person learns to read and write. So, don’t get so caught up in planning that you fail to act or afraid to fail. A plan only needs to help you get to the next step. You can always change the plan that leads to plan B or C. never get stuck with just plan A.

Therefore, set  up your plan or goals and start take action with each baby step.

Keeping a journal is another way to organize your plan that helps keep you focused, on track and makes your job easier. You can journal anytime you find a few minutes to write your thoughts down. Do remember when geeks carried a notepad and pen in their pockets, lots of great thougth were put down in those little noebooks. A  journal gives you the opportunity to create new and better ways to look at your project, so with just a few notes you can swiftly cut through or eliminate needless steps to achieve your goal. You also may find that you need to add a few step that you can see make the job easier in the long run. A journal is a living tale of where you are and where you are going. Find a little notebook you can keep handy (and a pencil) and when you find the time think over your goals or plans and just jot down some notes about where you are, where you want to be and help make your job easier.

A time-table is also helpful when organizing projects. Setting up a time-table also shows you where you are or where you think you should be.

Review, Refocus

Alan Lakin said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Have a plan A plan B and plan C

Above all be flexible



Never Get Stuck With Just Plan A

Plan A may look like the most important priority right now, but what if that just wasn’t working out, then what do you do? If you are like most people, and I mean this as a compliment, you move on to plan B, then plan C, but you always have a backup plan. What you are doing is considering all the angles, squares and possibilities. In other words you are brilliant and know that there are external factor involved in whatever plans you make, and you are armed with this knowledge. So, therefore you go into the world prepared for what ever comes your way. Sometimes it may be smooth sailing other times it is riding the rocky and tempestuous waves of the future.

photo by Terrie Schweitzer

photo by Terrie Schweitzer

Do keep in mind that you may decide to change your most wonderful, carefully thought out and prepared plan A in the middle of implementation, proceed on to plan B or perhaps develop on the cuff an entirely new plan. That can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Business owners do this all the time, as do mothers and fathers, and for children it is just a way of life.

So now that you are all grown up have you learned how to handle sudden changes? Do you look forward with exceptions or excitement when you may be challenged on your plan A? But never be disappointed if everything goes according to plan A, smooth as silk or slick as butter, rejoice, thank the divine and move forward.

How did you learn to be flexible and accommodating? With a good upbringing you learned it from your loving parents. Even with loving parents, family or those that raised you may have learned it from the life of ‘hard knocks’. What this means is that eventually you learn that getting frustrated, angry or upset because things were not going according to plan A does not help the situation, unless of course you make those around you afraid and comply, not a very good outcome in the long run. You not only get plan A accomplished, but you make for some very unpleasant memories that can cause you or others to be stuck when trying to move forward. So, you learn to be calm, maybe think outside the box, move on or develop plan B and C and do so with gratitude and love in your heart.

Blessings, Victoria

9 Ground Rules for Effectiveness and Getting Your Needs Met

How do you process all that goodness that is in you that you want to share with the world or with those you have a relationship? How do you give all that so that you can get want you need in return? Communication is a tough prospect given all the feelings and perspectives involved. Therefore, learning some ground rules in your communication process can help you get your message across and open the way for more and better effectiveness in getting your need met. Here are nine ground rules to use that will work for better communication and much better gains.

1. Test assumptions and inferences                       

Wisconsin Wildlife Resources

Wisconsin Wildlife Resources

So, when you assume something, you are taking it for granted that it is true without verifying it. And, when you infer something, you draw a conclusion about what you do not know on the basis of things that you do know, which may or may not be accurate.

There are several ways to test assumptions and inferences. One is to ask, especially if it involves someone’s actions or feelings. Another way is to research several sources and always consider your source, even sources with a good reputation can put a spin on facts. And, does happen more often than you would think in scientific studies, which is why these studies are peer reviewed and analyzed through critical evaluation.

2. Share all relevant information.

Allow everyone to share all the relevant information she or he has that affects how you and others will solve a problem or makes a decision. Sharing relevant information or ‘being up front’ with what you know, ensures that members have a common base of information on which to make an informed choice and generate commitment.

It is important that others feel safe and never invalidated when sharing, remember those feeling and perceptive. You may not like what you hear, you may not believe what you hear and none of what is shared is ever set in stone. For instance, there have been times when I would say something I felt was relevant or important only to realize after saying it how it really didn’t fit the situation. This can be so helpful in weeding out erroneous thinking, but it has to get out there, be said, thought about and evaluated. So, it is very important to be able to share information in a safe and unbiased manner. As stated above sharing information is only a tool to use to help everyone solve a problem or come to a decision, but be respectful and listen.

3. Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean.

It is not uncommon for words to get misunderstood, especially in our modern world with so much slang and mix meanings of words, is it cool or is it hot, do you rock or are you like a rock, are you a nerd and is that cool or not? Therefore when it comes to being understood and understanding a serious conversation in the process of communication it may help to clarify your words, what you mean. Don’t make the other person guess.

 4. Explain your reasoning and intent.

Using this ground rules means explaining to others what leads you to make a comment or ask a question or take an action. Your intent is your purpose for doing something. Your reasoning represents the logical process that you use to draw conclusions on the basis of data, values, and assumptions. Also, make sure you allow for others to explain why they said what they did, just as you want to be understood and given the time to explain your position, feeling or ideas. Communication is a two way process. See Communication Process Model.

5. Focus on interests, not positions.

Interests are the needs and desires that people have in regard to a given situation. Solutions or positions are how people meet their interests. People’s interests lead them to advocate a particular solution or position.

6. Combine advocacy and inquiry.

Combining advocacy and inquiry means expressing your point of view, which includes sharing your reasoning and intent and then inviting others to inquire into your comments.

7. Jointly design next steps and ways to test disagreements.

Jointly design next steps and ways to test disagreements means deciding with others what topics to discuss, when to discuss them, how to discuss them, and when to switch topics, rather than making a decision privately and unilaterally.

8. Discuss undiscussable issues.

Undiscussable issues are those that are relevant to the group’s task but that group members believe they cannot discuss openly in the group without some negative consequences.

9. Use a decision-making rule that generates the level of commitment needed.

Ground rule nine makes specific the core value of internal commitment.* It increases the likelihood of group members supporting the decision that is made and implementing it. There are four decision-making processes; consultative, democratic, consensus, and delegative.


These ground rules serve as a diagnostic frame, guide your behavior as a facilitator, and serve as a learning tool for developing effective group norms.



How to Set Your Intention

How do you set your intention?

By loving yourself! It is important to come to that state to raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration you are able to manifest. When you love yourself that love is given to others and it in turn comes back to you. You give because you love to give without any expectations. It is a very intrinsic rewards, so there is a reason and why you give, not just material things, but mostly of yourself, your time, your joy and your love.


Sunken Garden An abandoned limestone quarry was transformed into the dramatic Sunken Garden, a reflection of the early 20th-century beautification movement and an exceptional achievement in Canadian gardening history

Sunken Garden
An abandoned limestone quarry was transformed into the dramatic Sunken Garden, a reflection of the early 20th-century beautification movement and an exceptional achievement in Canadian gardening history

Listen to your inner voice for your higher guidance. Your spiritual guide will guide you toward the higher self. You have to be open to the guide. You will be more and more in tune to the messages, take heart and either follow or not and see how things turn out. The guide is always there for you, for what is in your highest good. Spirit totally supports you and brings about what is in your highest good. Build your faith. Guide communicates through feelings.


Decern the difference between thought that come from our mind and thoughts that come through our mind. Imagine yourself as an (older wiser being – you) and start to have a conversation with yourself, ask yourself questions that you want answers to. What is best for me now, what is loving for myself now, what is in my highest good. Pay attention to the difference to what is coming to you through your mind, the program (of your mind) and the truth (through your mind).


Learn to move focus from head/mind to feel feelings, practice mindfulness, be present. All feelings are information – about how we are feeling about ourselves, how we are treating others. Core feelings, feelings of life, when life happens and how we feel about it. Wounded feelings are about feelings that we cause our self. We need to take responsibility for our feelings.


Move into intention to learn, move into heart. Invite love and compassion into our heart, where we need to be to start the healing.


Dialogue with feelings, sense the feelings of the child inside as a loving adult, be kind and compassionate with intention. Stop the judgment of your self. Open yourself to higher self – guide-  and ask what are you doing to keep yourself stuck. Use loving action. Take action by noticing what you are doing to yourself, such as judgment that cause anxiety. Take loving action. Then notice how you feel in the long run of the loving action you have taken.


In relationship take eyes off partner and put them on your self, meaning become self aware. When you are self aware you will know what you do has an effect on your partner and will do everything with your intention to support in love the needs of your partner; just as the divine in love supports your needs.

Learn it, live it, love it!

With Love, Victoria

Photo by Steve Olmstead


It Is Not What You Think ~ It is What You Believe

Believing is the secret sauce to getting what you want. You can do affirmations all day long and never get what you want. You will definitely get bored with it all and wear yourself out with wishing and hoping all your dreams will come true, and trying to talk yourself into it.

If you don’t believe down in your subconscious level that you will be happy, wealthy, and wise, then how can just saying those things work? There is a way – read on….

You need to put the ideas and the belief into your subconscious mind, so that you not only say the things you want to come true, but you truly believe them too.

Meditation is wonderful for this, it relaxes your conscious thinking, moves chatter and negative self-talk out of the way and allows for the happy, peaceful, loving thoughts to enter your subconscious.

Find a quite place where you can sit and relax without interruption or a lot of distractions. Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times, then relax your breath. If you find you need something to focus on to keep your mind from wondering into random thoughts, concentrate on your breathing, breathe in, breathe out, do this for a few minutes. As you relax, feel your body relaxing, you can concentrate on the toes then up the legs to your stomach, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head until you feel your body more relaxed.

In this state your mind should be be more open to suggestions of what it is you want. You may need to establish a new belief pattern of who you are and what you deserve from that of what your past has been like. This is called clearing blocks or past beliefs you held as true.

Know that like attracts like, therefore what you believe will attract what you believe to be true. Start changing your belief of yourself to the wonderful, good and positive things you want and deserve. The universe is there doing what it does best.

If you would like more information on this practice contact me at vitoriarick@yahoo.com

This is just one step forward to living the life you love.